Inclusion of SRMIST under 12(B) of the UGC Act

Department of International Relationals


Department of International Relations

A rich mixture of theory and exposure to real time developments regionally and globally is what the Department of International Relations offers its students at the Master's level. The department stresses the theoretical component only with a view to reinforcing where the discipline is coming from. The traditional notions of the state apart, a student is exposed to the various theories of International Relations especially as it pertains to the system, state and decision making levels.

In the first year the student is also given a sprinkling of what International Law and Organisation is all about. This aspect is studied not with the legal framework but the political and international factors that have gone about to shape the law and the organization. As in the case of the Department of Public Administration, students in the Department of International Relations will opt for communication studies so that their verbal and written skills can further be honed.

The students are also given sufficient exposure to International economics keeping an eye on the dynamics of globalization and trade wars, regionalism in International Relations and Foreign Policy studies. And for those from around the region, there are issues of Indian foreign policy and that of the Asia Pacific.