Inclusion of SRMIST under 12(B) of the UGC Act

About the department


Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers carry out the task of measuring, doing research, installing, developing, testing, maintaining and designing various instruments used in the industry. With computer aided processes and automation techniques, these engineers formulate ways to control these systems. To put it crisply, they aim to 'measure the world accurately and to control it precisely'. The EIE Department equips students with knowledge of instruments and their management.



This program combines the academic and motor skills necessary to carve out a career in the field of measurement, electronics and understanding of complex processes. The highlight of this program is the dual-purpose approach of learning key concepts and engaging them in practical experience. Students are trained to plan, design, install, operate, service and maintain complex instruments and also to make sure that high quality is maintained.


The Department consists of a good number of faculty members, who have experience in Teaching, Industry and Research. This department has an experienced and energetic team of experts in fields like Embedded Systems, Device Electronics, Signal processing, VLSI Design, Power electronics and Drives, DSP Controllers etc.


A research coordination committee chaired by the Head of the Department, along with two faculty members, coordinates academic research in the department.

Industrial training

Students are encouraged to undergo industrial training during the course of their academic program in order to instill in them, a thirst for the practical implementation of the various concepts learnt in the classroom. The EIE Association arranges industrial visits, technical seminars and workshops. The department also organizes personality development programs to enhance the overall personality of the students, to meet industrial requirements.


Upon completion of the degree, students will be prepared for careers in industry based companies that manufacture and apply instrumentation equipment for power plants, VLSI and embedded systems, robotics, aerospace and various other automation industries.